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PBI is committed to maintaining the integrity and intent of The Protective Behaviours Process, originally developed by Peg Flandreau West, Donna Fortin, and Joan Levy and further developed Donna Fortin and Di Margetts.


We will do this by providing internationally recognised best practice Universal Protective Behaviours education, training and development opportunities, building capacity as we go.


This will ensure the quality and integrity of the Core Process of The Universal Protective Behaviours  Program is maintained.

Protective Behaviours International

Building Communities of Practitioners and Trainers


Our history starts by acknowledging Peg West, founder of Protective Behaviours along with the work of Donna Fortin, Joan Levy and Di Margetts.


Peg was a creative social worker who developed the program to help the children she was working with to feel safe. Fifty years on her program has spread internationally, continuing to help keep kids and communities feel safe.


Founding Directors Bronwyn Clee and Di Margetts have shared a long working history and love of Protective Behaviours. Over many years they have discussed the needs within Australia for a consistent Universal Protective Behaviours training and development Framework. Bronwyn had been a board member of the networking group, Protective Behaviours Australia from 2003 - 2005 and returned in 2016 and became aware of some PB program slippage and felt the integrity of PBs was potentially at risk. The need to develop and monitor a consistent framework was beyond the remit of PBA. So based on this, in April 2017 Bronwyn facilitated a solution-focused gathering with Di Margetts and Jodie Ferguson and PBI was born.

Correspondence and networking meetings with other national and international representatives also took place with participants including Bronwyn Clee, Di Margetts Jodie Ferguson, Marg Armstrong,  Sally-Ann Hart and Ann Seal.

These discussions led to the development of a shared agreement that PBI would design a consistent and universal training and development framework.


PBI has formed primarily to review the Universal Protective Behaviours program to:

  • ensure consistency

  • enhance the materials

  • provide quality training

to help keep children, adults and communities feeling safe.

We can’t be scared into feeling safe

Peg Flandreau West

PBI Commitment

PBI  is committed to establishing and maintaining a consistent professional training and development framework. This framework is to support individuals, groups, agencies and organisations with appropriate and unrestricted standing* who are applying aspects or the entirety of The Universal Protective Behaviours Empowerment Program. 

*definition of appropriate and unrestricted standing:

Current police check and child safety screening; has not been denounced from or struck off any professional body.

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