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PBI Capacity Building Model

Connecting with Community Partners

Going where we are invited to go

Formal Training

Practitioner Training

Advanced Practitioner Training

Train the PBI Trainer

Informal Training

Not everyone needs to be a trained 

PBI Practitioner

Tomorrow's Leaders

Supporting educators working with senior students to deconstruct PBI training content, and rewrite in their own cultural context. 

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Universal Foundation Practitioner Training


Universal Foundation PractitionerTraining is a practical, down to earth approach to personal safety. The purpose of this training is to explore the key principles in the Universal Protective Behaviours process and their relevance to people of different ages and abilities. During the training, we include time to plan ways to use the process in a range of settings. We  also facilitate time to build skills to introduce the process to children, young people, and adults including parents.

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Advanced Practitioner


**PBI endorsed 2 Day Universal Foundation Training is a prerequisite to this course.**


The purpose of this training is to support PB practitioners who wish to advance their knowledge and further develop their skills in transferring the theory into practice. Ideal for practitioners in specialised positions wanting to advance their knowledge and practice in:

  • Applying Universal PBs process in a personal, social, and community setting.

  • Understanding Universal PBs as a strategic model for empowerment.

  • Supporting practitioners to implement the process.

  • Utilising Universal PBs in a counselling setting

  • Utilising Universal PBs for clients at risk


This in-depth training explores all elements of the Universal PBs process in detail and how each of these elements interact with each other. It is a powerful opportunity for people who have completed Universal PBs Foundation training to become a more ‘expert’ practitioner. In addition, they become a valuable resource for others in their community. This training is about building capacity across communities and includes but is not limited to reviewing current practices.

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Train the PBI Trainer



**PBI endorsed  4 Day Advanced Practitioner Training is a prerequisite to this course.**


The purpose of this training is to train PBI Advanced Practitioners to become trainers who can deliver PBI Universal Foundation training.


This is an Apprenticeship model including peer and co-trainer mentoring processes.


Application into this training program is based on the individual needs of the trainee trainer, their knowledge, and evidence of experience. Throughout this training, participants are required to participate in peer-to-peer support and assessment through the PBI mentoring program.

On completion of this course, it is anticipated that the newly trained trainer will deliver 2 Universal Foundation trainings per year.. 


**Apprentices will have the opportunity to work at their own pace. For experienced PBI practitioners, typical time frames can be between 6 - 12 months.  


 Assessments will include face to face observations, video evidence, written evidence, and other supporting materials required. 

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Specialised Training

We have a capacity-building model which promotes collective community safety action planning including formal training and informal education in partnership with key stakeholders.

We are also able to tailor training to your needs. Please contact us to find out more. 

I really enjoyed this workshop and have gained an incredible amount of positive information. I can't wait to apply/use in the Academy

You have given me motivation to go back to my school with refreshed and new ideas to help our girls. Thank you so so much!

It was great that we had time to stretch and laugh and that we were having a discussion rather than being talked at! My most memorable Professional Development. Perfect and thank you

Please Note

We endeavour to do all we can to provide high-quality training workshops. Copies of evaluations are made available to organisations on request. All catering and venue hire costs are to be met by the organisation commissioning the training. Late cancellation fee of 50% of the booking applies if cancelled within 7 days prior to the scheduled workshop date. 
Included in the training is a workbook and certificate of attendance.


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